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Handhelds for Amateur Radio (Ham) Operators

The Baofeng brand is very popular amongst Amateurs, particularly the UV-5R (5 watt) as a great entry-level FM analog radio with loads of functions to get you started. It features dual bands (2 metre/70cm) and can be easily programmed from computer with a programming cable and CHIRP software (available free on the Internet). A step up from this model is the UV-5R (8 watt) with slightly more transmit power. There is also a facelift model UV-5RA which has the same features as the UV-5R but a little more modern looking. An alternative to the UV-5R series is the UV-82, very similar in operation and programming and available in 5 and 8 watt models. You can upgrade these models with larger capacity batteries, extended range antennas and a wide range of other user accessories - earpieces, speaker/microphones, headphones, carry cases, etc

There are a variety of newer Baofeng models available such as the BF-UV10 and UV-10R.  These have similar features but have a newer and often more colourful look but are still an analog FM radio.

If you're looking for the next level up in battery capacity, functionality and all round well built radio then the TYT brand is excellent. They start off with analog FM only model (TH-UV8000D) and extend to full DMR Tier 2 models with analog also available. These digital mode with analog models are the very popular MD-380 and the waterproof MD-390.

If you're looking for even more fun then the Anytone AT-D878UVII PLUS Bluetooth DMR model with APRS and packed with new features is a winner.

We also have a range of mobile models that can be used for base station use with one of our 13.8 volt power supplies, along with a range of outdoor base station antennas.