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TYT Electronics (formally called Tytera) provides a complete range of walkie talkies and radios. TYT is a Chinese manufacturer, new to the radio scene in 2015. Their MD-380 has found real popularity with radio HAM users around the world. Designed using its in-house engineers with good quality control, TYT has earned a well-deserved reputation even during its short time in radio manufacturing.

The company offers a range of digital two-way radios with some accompanying analogue radios in both handheld and base mobile units. Plus, there is a full range of accessories, so a new or committed radio enthusiast can find everything they need to get talking. PC programmable, many can be firmware upgraded, which means anyone can take advantage of bug fixes.

At Techoman, we provide a variety of popular TYT products ex stock and have their full range of products available. Their usability and price point are two key winners for amateur and professional HAM users.